Best React Open-Source Projects for Beginners

Of all the frameworks out there, React may be the best choice for beginners. React can do what other frameworks can, but it doesn’t obscure your code. It is easy to learn and equally easy to master, as opposed to some other frameworks which can sometimes be difficult to understand. Software development is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world and contributing to open-source projects is an excellent way to improve coding skills in general aside from tutorials.

Getting started with React is a great way to start building web apps and it’s easy to learn for beginners thanks to a huge community of developers and free tools to make development faster. There are many great open-source projects that are available for free so you can start playing around with React. 

If you are a UI developer who likes playing around with HTML, and wants to get deeper into styling with CSS, and JavasScript to create visually impressive web and mobile app interfaces with high interactivity, this is the way to go. You might be thinking of Vue or Angular but React is your best option since it is the most beginner-friendly and currently the most popular javascript library.

These help people learn how to use React to build simple web apps and e-commerce websites or just learn the basics and reuse the source code and React components for a project at work, practically as a template, so you can be more efficient at your work. It will also help you generate project ideas if you want to create a personal project to show off your skills and boost your portfolio.

What makes a React open-source project good?

Choose a project that will keep your needs fulfilled. Avoid picking an open source project that’s too uncomplicated to change or debug. Find a project that you think will look appealing and useful to others.

1. Best Practices In The Industry

Open source projects can serve as guidance in front-end development and UX design to new and seasoned developers, especially when working with React is a big advantage in a startup environment that is working on cross-platform app development projects that requires an all-around when it comes to both front and backend dev.

2. Improve Your Skills

Sharing your knowledge, experience, and code with others (while they share the same in return) can prove quite a unique and effective method of learning new things.

3. Networking And Self Promoting

Being a part of an active open source community is also often a great way to polish your skills! Taking opportunities to get acquainted with other open source developers can help you build and establish a reputation for yourself within your targeted field.

How To Choose Worthwhile React Open Source Project

Choosing the right project can be tough if you don’t know where to start looking. However, to be certain of selecting an appropriate open-source project in the React ecosystem, keep these things in mind:

1. Active Community

It turns out that it is crucial to discuss the project with someone if a difficult problem appears that needs resolving.

2. Project Popularity (think GitHub)

If there’s a lively community of contributors working on open-source React projects. You can be sure that the project has grown in popularity and there will be thorough documentation to help you out along with plenty of help from other contributors.

3. Organized Documentation

The last piece of the puzzle to look for in an open-source React project should be clear and concise documentation so you can read up on any issues with a specific codebase or library.

Best React Projects for Beginners

It is crucial to learn the basics before diving into more complicated projects. Before you learn the fundamentals of how to build a site, it’s best to have a good understanding of the tools you will be using.

1. React Bootstrap


React Bootstrap is available for free and it’s a powerful tool for building production-ready apps. If you’re looking for best practices for building the front-end framework for your project, check out React Bootstrap! It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to add interactivity and responsiveness to their app. React Bootstrap gives you the freedom to choose how you want to build your app. You have the option of using the framework by itself or using it as a starting point for future integrations. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you need a new tool to work with, React Bootstrap is a great option.

2. User Interface React Select


The team behind React.js has made a UI experiment for select inputs. See how it works and learn how to develop your own version. When it comes to making an application, it’s important to have a good user interface(UI). 

Re-select is a library that allows people to select options from a list. This is a great tool for people who are building websites or web applications. It has many different features that make it easy for developers to create a rich user interface. The best part is, it’s open-source and available for free on Github.

3. Storybook


Storybook is an open-source tool that allows you to develop UI components in isolation. One of the many benefits of this tool is that it doesn’t require a lot of overhead since it runs outside of your app and on a separate page. This helps you focus solely on the development process without worrying about application-specific dependencies. Storybook creates test-driven projects by keeping track of different states or variations and helping product developers visually implement changes in each example without starting from scratch every time based on the end goal or specifications they must abide by.

4. Draft.js


Draft.js is a library you can use to create a new open-source project. It’s used for writing markdown and transforming it into a wide range of formats. You can take what you’ve written, and export it to a website, PDF, ePub, or a blog post. It’s used for web and mobile development and is easily customizable with a vast library of plugins and components. It’s maintained by a small group of developers, and the community is very active in creating new plugins.

Use React components in design

How about saving some time and reusing your React UI components in the design stage? Now, with UXPin Merge, you can connect our prototyping tool with any Git repo where you store the UI code or directly to Storybook. Then, simply bring the components to the design tool so that UX/UI designers can work with them in the design process. The benefit? You don’t need to code the component from scratch – just copy and paste the ready code from the Spec Mode in UXPin design editor. The whole product development process gets easier and designs get in line with the standards! 


Getting started with React.js can be overwhelming at first. And so, if you’re just starting out with coding, we highly recommend looking into open source projects on as a way to dip your toes in UI development and UX design or get adept at iOS web apps, and maybe even tackle full-stack dev. You can learn a lot by working on a project that’s already been developed by other people & take your web development skills to the next.js level (pun intended). Want to include your React components in the design process? Get Merge technology. 

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