20 Simple Realities Of Life As Revealed By People

We all dream a little dream of a beautiful world. One that’s full of love. Of people who are good, smart and kind. Simple things to achieve one would think. But it’s so much harder to apply, when dealing with the intricacies that actually make up life. We tend to make mistakes and guess what, that’s ok!

As long as we learn from them. There is one destination, but two roads. The hard way and the easy way. Learning lessons comes either way, but the lessons can be harsher or kinder based on your choice. Knowledge is one form of arming yourself for the battle of life, so gear up for some folks to impart lessons they learned from experience itself. Life is much easier once you recognize its patterns, so good luck! As you rewrite your story, let your actions and their bound reactions be ever in your favor!


#1 You don’t always keep the good friends you meet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make more later on down the road!

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#2 Mistakes do define you.

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The little ones don’t, but if you make a big mistake, it will alter your life to an extent. Saying that they don’t matter is a lie that will prevent you from diagnosing life problems later down the line.


#3 All human beings are capable of being viciously immoral.

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There’s a point where we can be forced or force ourselves to become completely animalistic. We can perpetrate murder and genocide, as just one example, and if justified to ourselves correctly, we will feel no remorse. We like to think that the only people capable of such horror are a minority but the truth is that we are all capable of it given the right circumstances.



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You’re the bad guy in someone’s story, so many of your enemies will never admit to doing anything wrong, but the thing is neither will you in some situations.

People justify their own behaviour to themselves. That’s why so many people can’t apologise and double down on the s****y things they do.


#5 Pain is inescapable.

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Not even acknowledging that pain is inevitable and preparing for it ahead of time can lessen it.

You will be taken by surprise, you will be hurt, you will not enjoy it, you will not be able to numb it, and there is nothing you can do except take it on the chin.

#6 People can just simply fall out of love with you for no reason.

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You fretting about whether it’s you or something else or the investment is basically you giving them the reasons to strengthen the reason why they stopped loving you. When they could very much not have a reason at all, feelings and priorities can change.


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Sometimes, YOU are the problem in a relationship. And if people keep on leaving you, it may well be your fault. Even if you don’t feel like it is.


#8 People like to be lied to. They don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to

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Some people just can’t be saved, you could give them every benefit in the world and they still could choose to throw it all away and you can’t do anything about it.



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We’re not all special.

Some of us will not find love.

We’re not all equal.



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Very few people truly accept their mortality, and most of the time when it truly sinks in, people get scared and want to avoid it.



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People refuse to accept that this IS the reality. Lots of time and money is spent cushioning that blow.

We live here. We live now.

Best get used to it.


#13 You will likely be lost to history. In just a few centuries, nobody will remember or even know you existed. Sad, I know, but you just have to accept it.

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#14 Your government does NOT have your best interest at heart.

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#15 Nobody is truly selfless, and that’s ok

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#16 Some parents just don’t love their children.

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#17 First impressions are a very f*****g big deal.

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#18 Us 1st world citizens have it much better than we think we have it.

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#19 The world goes on after you die.

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#20 You can’t be anything you want to be.

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