Basic Information

I Vishal Agarwal done all my education by working part time. I have learned different things from different industries like Gems Stones, Clothing, Florists in my career before starting with web design and html development. It was a kind of struggling career, But I am happy that I got a supportive family who was standing with me in all my phases of struggle and helped me to carry on.

In my till date career i have worked on different kinds of projects from different domains, Like Internal application for many Big names in India. I have got a chance of working on few US based projects also, in which website and application are involved.

Career Objective

Always like to work in an open environment where the views and suggestions are considered. So that I can do more and for my company where I am working.

Over 10 Years’ experience in industry of UI/UX. Worked with different type of organizations and clients on projects. Currently leading team of more than 8 members on UI/UX side, and I like to work with them, take there input and give my opinions as well.

Rest i can prove myself when i join the organization. Because at that time only organization will know me and i can know the Organization.


Working with a team Creating a work environment within the team. And guide the team in the right direction.
Working with developers Working with developers when they face design issues in when developing. Also train my team how to work with developers for design issues.
Photoshop Major of my design work i did using Photoshop. I have the idea of other tools as well. But the hands on experience if on Photosop
Creating Demonstration of Projects Creating the prototypes and wireframes is one of the important thig i do for clients using Photoshop and other tools.
Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is a html and development editing tool. I do my most of the htmls usinf Dreamweaver. With this i also work on Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio also. As most of the times working with developers have this 2 tools.
HTML5 / CSS3 Html5 and CSS3 are very basic needs which we work on daily basis from starting of the page to submitting it to developers for development of those based on requirement.
Bootstrap Framework Bootstrap Framework has became a backbone this days for making the work faster and efficient. Why because it has coverd most of the thing, elements and requirement which are needed in day to day designing and conversion purpose.
Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools I have also worked on many clients for building there Google Analytics & customized it based client need and business. Also worked on Webmaster tools for tracking the errors in the site and resolving the same.
SEO Standards at the HTML level I work with my team and make sure that they follow the basic needs of SEO and Standardize there html code based on it.
Multi-Tasking Multi tasking i am writing as a skill, because i have worked and working on the different projects of different Industries and domain at the same time.
Team and Task Handling Monitoring the team & there tasks is also one the skill which i am doing in the current Organization.
Client Coordination & Communication One of the important work of mine is Coordinating and Communicating with clients for their requirements, and getting those Documented. So that same can be followed by the design team and development team as well.

Personal/Family Details

Full Name Vishal Agarwal
Father Name Late.Thakurdas Agarwal
Date of Birth 19 June, 1984
Marital Status Married with 2 Kids
Language known English, Hindi, Telugu
Interests Sports, music & Cartoons.